Tan Tan group comms
1.GRAPHIC DESIGN & LAYOUT OF TAN TAN’S BAR 2022-2023 COCKTAIL LIST. the concept, idealized by the chef & owner Thiago Bañares, is based on the exploration of five special ingredients which are expressed through two different techniques: syrups and infusions.

taking into account the concept of a dual approach, the menu was designed to be literally divided in half — with no need of opposition — in order to highlight each of the techniques used and the respective cocktails created through them.

the lettering and drawings were made by the chef himself — and digitized by me — to make the menu more inviting and easy to understand, focusing on simplicity but with personality.

2.INSTAGRAM COMMUNICATION FOR TAN TAN GROUP’S COCKTAIL BARS: TAN TAN & THE LIQUOR STORE.developed especially for so-called ‘guest shift’ nights, when bars invite international guests to occupy their bars for a night.

the idea behind of this movement is to create a network with professionals from all over the world and offer space for them to showcase their work and identity.

carried out in Sao Paulo, Brazil. April 2022-Jun 2023.

brand book 
(for Blue House B&B)

development and layout of the brand book and stationery for Blue House, a B&B set on Seltjarnarnes Peninsula - 5 minute drive from Reykjavik’s vibrant downtown and 20 minutes’ walk from the ‘Grótta Lighthouse’, the perfect spot to catch northern lights, in Iceland.

they are a team of young globetrotters passionate about unforgettable travel adventures, and at at Blue House they want customers to feel at home surrounded by the friends they never knew they had.

the property is surrounded by sea, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers and auroras and it is allocated over three houses and guests can choose from guestrooms or self-catering apartments.

carried out remotely. March-April 2021.

social warming (for 28 Posti)
prof. Guixè
this product design project was carried out in collaboration with a milanese restaurant, 28 Posti. the challenge was to defend a political philosophy through a non-functional but authentic object to be displayed in the restaurant during the 2021 Salone del Mobile week. after a hard selection, the object was one of those chosen to be exposed.

after understanding the brief, the group started an in-deep research about the history of the restaurant and its values because without that it wouldn’t be possible to define, and then explore, the concept. therefore, the team started to sketch the very first ideas and after sharing and combining them, it was possible to develop the final object.

MY ROLE: after the first research and brainstorming, I was in charge to do a second research focusing in the aspects the restaurant values the most, such as sustainability and local ingredients selection. therefore, I was tasked to experiment different shapes and sizes of the object.

it was carried out by a team of students during the master studies in Food Design and Innovation, Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, Italy. 2020.

CONCEPT | transparency
our concept was built keeping in mind the big importance of the communication throughout the dishes. transparency means the origin of the products, the careful selection of the ingredients, objects, materials and textures that compose the scenario of 28 Posti, and as a consequence, its identity.

one third of the population worldwide has no access to safe drinking water and agriculture is one of the biggest water recipients. the blue ball, which makes 10% of glass sphere, indicates the amount of water saved.

28 Posti is saving water by adopting mediterranean diet in its menu which is 10% more sustainable than regular diet.
future food tools
prof. Citi
the aim of the project was to challenge the groups to come up with a good product design storytelling. in order to reach the goal, the students were invited to work with the concept of speculative design: a look on the future in order to imagine and build the food rituals and culinary tools of the future. therefore, deleveloping a physical prototype of a product.

our group was assigned to work with the theme of synthesis, meaning that through a fermentation process and biological multiplication, it is possible to synthesize life in a liquid. so, we focus our idea around the implementation, transformation and enrichment of microorganisms on food.

MY ROLE: after the first research and brainstorming, I was responsible to do an in-deep research about the fermentation process and its techniques, in order to build a strong base to our concept. after the final sketch was chosen, I worked on the technical drawing of the object, as well on the reserach of other materials needed besides the glass (e.g.: the wood base).

the project was selected to be exposed during the Salone del Mobile week in Milan, on September 2021.

it was carried out by a team of students during the master studies in Food Design and Innovation, Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, Italy. 2020.

CONCEPT | Stilla
Stilla is the only at home fermentation system that provides high nutritional value to food for the future conscious generation by creating an easy alternative to replace animal-based food.

THE OBJECT | technical drawing

THE OBJECT | photoshooting

e-learning cooking classes (for Farm 65)
due to the covid situation, the company realized that physical cooking classes were no longer possible, so they felt like taking new initiatives. thus, they came up with the idea of creating an e-learning cooking classes platform focused on the international public.

MY ROLE: my first task was to make a secondary research on e-learning cooking platforms, in order to find out possible paths they could follow and to understand how other companies were doing it. in parallel, a primary research was taken to focus on the right target and to understand their expectations, as well as strategically creating new desires on them.

therefore, I was in charge of designing the logo for the e-learning platform, as well as the recipies in a very practical and fun way. last, I was in task of writing some articles about the italian food culture with a funny tone of voice.

project carried out in Milan, Italy. 2020.

• covid-19 & food innovation: consumer behavior has changed:
- rediscovering the home kitchen: people started to cook much more: confidence into the kitchen;
- kitchen = community -> cooking + family meals (social aspect);
- fundamental change in the way consumers think about food: active in the search for quality and authentic food items.

• community;
• authenticity;
• fun: e-learning alleviates much of the stress people associate with traditional classes;
• accessible, international reachable, ”home” feeling;
• emphasize the value of cooking real italian food while having fun!.

ICON DESIGN (to be added in recipe graphics/videos)


ARTICLES | writing & design
• curiosities;
• history of the recipe (and not the recipe itself);
• funny tone of voice;
• teach italian cooking tips.